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  2. Hey Jub! Very true, I was reading through some of my old posts, good stuff 111
  3. Very cool thread to read, especially when I see Illusionist with a forum signature I made when I was like 13 Glad to see all is well on the DoD forums Also, speaking of I highly recommend against looking back on forum posts you made when you were 13 that is some powerful cringe
  4. nice job, I have always admired that the fans and community have done more for this game than the creators, that last expansion of china, looks like a beta and not to mention the designs and cinematics. Anyway, I would love to play with god Quetzalcoatl
  5. Golf season has begun and my life is complete. Started this season on 28,6 HCP and I now got 27,1. my goal for this season is to get under 20. πŸŒοΈβ€β™‚οΈπŸŒοΈβ€β™‚οΈπŸŒοΈβ€β™‚οΈ IMG_4103.MOV
  6. Pretty complex topic and hard overall, but on this I 100% agree. +1
  7. I was following it very closely in the beginning, not so much anymore. My thoughts: - I don't believe Putin's NATO argument, Estonia and Latvia are already in NATO and are closer to Moscow. - I think Putin just wants the Donbass region. - If Donbass parts want to be with Russia, they should be with Russia and Ukraine should not interfere. People should be able to vote for independence. - Both Putin and Zelensky are liars and war criminals. Putin should not have attacked and Zelensky should not arm civilians. - The media is completely ridiculous and wtf is it with the censoring of RT, the amount of crap I read there was not higher than the amount of crap I read anywhere else. As always, politicians will be fine and people are fucked.
  8. Yeah he’s nuts, hopefully he has a terminal illness or someone takes him out pronto.
  9. for me putin is totally crazy, clear there are a lot of interests inside, but he is a dictator he is killing a lot of civs without reason, he is attacking school, hospital he is out of controll, zelensky won his electoral tourn with more 70% and he has claim to choice if to come in EU or NATO or other stuf, world is changed, this lands that one were under russia now want to join the west and get out of the dictatorship
  10. Not gas though, he still has that Nord1 pipeline, no other country can supply this much, Norway would be the next place I think. To think we come out of covid then the world gives us this. Can't make this shit up.
  11. I have Ukrainian friends in London, it is absolutely dreadful & an absolute travesty what that Tyrant has done, trouble is he has everyone by the balls because he supplies gas n oil. Highly likely he will take Ukraine or most of it, then it will be all out guerrilla warfare. Thats the best scenario I see out of it sadly, better that than WW3, but yeah just shocking poor people. Lets hope China do not take the chance to go for Taiwan.
  12. So to surpress a country's sovereignty is not something you feel badly towards then? That first sentence makes it sound like you have been watching too many war movies, no offence. You are not wrong, of course, in criticizing NATO or warfare pursued by the US. However, one war does not justify another. It seems to me you are almost suggesting this. The public opinion is very anti war and very anti Putin right now. Comparing the amounts of protests and attention to the horrible events in Serbia from '99 with that of an event in 2022 is pointless. The world is digital now and we have social media. You can't compare it fairly, it's a pointless discussion. But for sure, NATO and friends have been shamefully quiet about previous conflicts around the world. And 'western media' = biased. Sure. There will always be war propaganda. You can say the same about that documentary you posted, everyone have their own truth (for the record, i've watched the docu before and it's really good). But there are plenty of reliable independent sources to follow.
  13. At least we cut gold and walled off market for now, see how it works out. Fuck this guy
  14. From my point of view, I only feel sorry for the civilians , which are always collateral damage. On the other side, west was well aware that this would happen, but they have chosen to ignore it. Genocide against Russians living in Donetsk and Lugansk was also ignored for too long. Western medias have twisted many things in the past week regarding the conflict , and with censorship of medias that support they're story is just proving that something isn't right. Hypocrites from the west seem to be untouchable, since they did the exact same things, even worse, and no one was found guilty nor was blamed like Putin now. Toni Blair, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, those fellas have much more blood on they're hands. Serbia was bombed for 78 days in 1999, with 3000 civilian casualties , among them, sister of my very good friend got killed, she was 3y old. They live few streets away from me. At that time, world media didn't report like they report now, people around world didn't protest for bombing to stop, no aid was given. Lybia, Syria, Iraq, Yemen... list is long I don't support war, as me and my family have suffered a lot. I feel sorry for both Ukrainians and Russians, but if someone doesn't show NATO, mainly US that rules must apply to everyone, and that they are not excluded , they will eventually do it again. Maybe not to Serbia, Syria, Iraq, but to someone else. Here is one educational documentary in English, that might open your eyes when it comes to NATO
  15. If a country has a military / territorial conflict with other country, they surely would not want them to get better weapons ,etc. and after Ukraine joins NATO, that would happen and Russia-Ukraine relations are not the best. Also we need to keep in mind that Russia was in under direct conflict in both world wars aswell because its neighboring countries got too strong. The full on bombing of the country is not justified though, some diplomatic solutions could have been suggested but considering that NATO ignored Russia for years, I don't think they would have gotten any diplomatic solution.
  16. I would A+E and meteor right in Putins face if I could, fuck him man
  17. What are your thoughts about this situation ? Any comments on West, Ukraine or Russia?
  18. It's more a Thor problem IMO Deni. Every other civ has decent ranged heroes in classical. Thor has expensive slow melee heroes.
  19. There is many, you can check it into the mod description 😊
  20. Hi mates! Just to share with you the new mod of aztec civilization. The team has been working since 2 years ago and finally is released!
  21. No arguments there! What a great post by Kries, he nailed it in my opinion. Eggy in classical can be strong, but is really volatile. There are safer options, such as aiming for heroic age which gives you profound defense along with stronger units. Personally, I've always found eggy classical army to be good for early map control, but lacking in posing a threat beyond that due to rax units being slaughtered by pierce damage and being incredibly weak on taking down buildings.
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